We industrialize business software development

Build your application

Manage your test data

Comply with GDPR

We have created icaria technology so you can automatically produce your business software

You can use icaria technology yourself, ask one of our partners to do it on your behalf, or we can provide a key-in-hand project

Perform the test. Burn the data. Press Play Test again and you are ready again with your data intact

Press Play Test at the control panel and the application under testing is ready with the right data

Data that look real, but aren’t is the philosophy that guides icaria Mirage design

icaria Mirage is the solution for sensitive data Discovery and Protection in information systems and application data bases

Our purpose as a company

Lean principles applied to software development

netZima is an innovative and dynamic company which has been dedicated to the industrialisation of corporate management software development for over 10 years. In 2006 the feasibility our ideas on how to efficiently create IT systems was demonstrated with the first commercial version of icaria. We transferred the concept of "lean" from industry to IT technology.

icaria 2.0 was netZima’s production line and competitive advantage for five years during which we demonstrated that creating software automatically is much more efficient than programming by hand. Our team created many business critical IT systems for our clients.

Today other companies are successfully using icaria Lean Factory 3.0 and applying our production process. Since the beginning of 2012 we have been implanting icaria factories within organisations which want to radically improve how they create IT systems and applications.

The way we work

It is no easy to describe such things as this section. We do not want it to sound superficial, and people tend to think this is pure marketing. So take this as we would like to be, even though sometimes we are not. We have written it so we can check and improve.

We are ambitious. For us, succeeding means achieving our business goals, but also doing it in a way that make us proud. We are committed with our customers and their projects. We will do everything in our hands to help them succeed. That includes saying them no, if our technology is not the best solution.

We support each other's work, and succeed and fail as a team. We depend on innovation, so we try to create a risk-free environment. This means our people are allowed to screw up (we try not to do it very often, tough). This is the price to pay for creating new solutions. But we are demanding. Trying new things and fail is not the same as doing the same thing wrongly.

We also pursue - and obtain, most of the time - a personal and professional balance. We do our best to empower our people. This includes teleworking and flexible schedule. Of course, this requires accountable people.

You may call this our values.

Meet the team

Meet some of our clients

Work with us

Send us your resume if you think you belong here. Even if we are not actively seeking someone with your skills right now, we will consider your candidature during 6 months for new open positions

Location: Madrid - Department: icaria engineering

If you have a deep expertise in Java EE architecture and would like to help us improve Java EE Bure Execution Architecture, please let us know.

Preferably, you have, at least, 5 years of experience

We would like yo to master on
  • JavaScript
  • Web services (SOAP)
  • Spring
  • Maven

Location: Madrid - Department: Projects

You will be assigned to a very relevant business software development project based on icaria Lean Factory. You will be responsible for application customization.

Preferably, you have, at least, 1 year of experience

Social Work


netZima has a firm commitment to society. We feel privileged to be able to manage our own professional lives and create our own future and we are aware that we have received much from the environment in which we work. We want to return more to society than just our strict professional contribution.

netZima finances a Micro-loan scheme for people who do not have Access to conventional finance options. The INCLUYE Foundation is the organisation charged with identifying the beneficiaries and managing the fund.



This initiative is open to any organisations and individuals who may want to contribute. If you would like to collaborate, or you would just like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to write to us at labor.social@netzima.com.

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If you are interested in our technology, or our business project, or our social initiatives, please, let us know.

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